Pre-Purchase Inspection

PPI Helicopter & Fixed Wing Aircraft

Anywhere in the World


A Small investment now could avoid major expenses later


The object is to examine the aircraft for damage, tear and wear that might not be evident to an untrained eye and to capture an estimated overview of which maintenance problems that might arise in the future.

Obviously, the outcome of a Pre-Purchase Inspection is likely to affect the price. If an Engineer discovers a serious problem, the buyer is not likely to close the deal without a reduction in price equal to the cost of the repair. Nevertheless, it is to the buyer's advantage to insist upon one.

The aircraft may be found to be unairworthy because of faulty equipment or lack of compliance with an Airworthiness Directive. Once the deal is closed and the buyer takes possession of the aircraft, it will be extremely difficult to force the previous owner to bear the cost of repairs that should have been performed before the sale.

The buyer of any aircraft is recommended always to use a third party to inspect the Aircraft before considering a purchase.

We are at ready to assist on your next Aircraft purchase doing the Pre-Purchase inspection and making it possible for you to evaluate the general condition of the aircraft, maintenance & component status and open maintenance issues, if any,  which need to be performed before any closure of the deal. 

Part of our Pre-Purchase Inspection Task's listed below:  

Aircraft Physical Detailed Inspection

Check Aircraft Approved Maintenance Programme Compliance

Times and Cycles of Aircraft & Major components

Major component S/N Physical verification

SB/AD status

Aircraft records (Airframe, Eng., Propeller, APU etc. Log books)

Avionics Equipment

Major Repairs

Corrosion Inspection


Aircraft Damage History (+Dent & Buckle Chart)

Others as required 

Based on the PPI report received from us, containing recommendations and comments on the inspected aircraft, you will get the best possible tool to evaluate and discuss the condition and pricing of the Aircraft you are looking to purchase. 

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